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    We’ll fight to keep your glory bright and never shall we fail.

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  3. MailsHerePart28

    carlubana - Oh no!!! I’m so sorry! How long has this message been sitting here? I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I already fixed the problem by transferring all the files to Dropbox. Please check the post again and try if you can download it already. Here’s the link: http://iamkatsays.tumblr.com/post/54155737260/the-big-four Thank you! :)

    heregoesderik - Is it too late to say yes? :( Don’t worry. You guys could use my photos and artworks for as long as you give me proper credit. You can even e-mail me about it so that I could send you the photos without the watermarks on them ;)

    This is so embarrassing! I told you guys I’ve been such a bad blogger lately :( It’s a good thing that I checked my Tumblr inbox. It didn’t even show me that I had pending messages! :( I hope this does not stop everyone else from leaving a message for me: http://iamkatsays.tumblr.com/ask If I don’t reply within a week or if you need urgent replies from me, please don’t hesitate to tweet me @ineesays or e-mail me: iamkatsays@yahoo.com instead. Thank you!


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